The simplest and most advanced Biometric tech ever

Sovereign Digital Identity

Calculates, encrypts and certifies biographical and biometric data that identifies a person. Publishable in different electronic, physical or digital media.

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Verifiable through a completely Offline App that does not require internet or any database to consult.

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PURE Technology

Laser - focused ads based on consumers' PURE DNA.

Pre-qualified market research with extremely accurate results.

Earn rewards for data & understand its use.

Receive free* high-end smartphone

*Free Smartphone based on terms and conditions

Our Emblem Project

Is used in the credential to vote from the National Electoral Institute.
This document functions as the National Identity Document (DNI) for Mexico.

Project Size: 80 to 120 million credentials

Winning document of BEST CIVIL CARD 2022 award conferred by RECONNAISSANCE, an institution specialized for security in printed and digital documents and currencies.

Our Other Project

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